Master of Professional Studies
in Corporate Innovation

Build the knowledge, competencies, and relationships to solve innovation challenges within established companies and large organizations

Why a Master of Professional Studies in Corporate Innovation?

A Revolutionary Era for Education and Venture Creation

Online learning is rapidly changing the landscape of higher education by delivering high quality, affordable opportunities to learners worldwide. As a pioneer in online education and new venture creation, the University of Maryland is empowering the next generation of technology entrepreneurs through this innovative master’s program.

Increase Your Knowledge and Cultivate Global Relationships

While a master’s degree is not a prerequisite for successfull innovations, the knowledge gained from award-winning faculty with real innovation management experience surely beats the expense and frustration of learning by trial and error.

Improve Your Career Marketability and Mobility

As our students work to build successful ventures, they also earn a master’s degree from one of the world’s preeminent universities. This degree equips students with the ability to envision, develop, launch, and grow innovations, and provides the credentials to be an attractive recruit for innovation-focused companies and organizations.

A World-Class Education, Delivered Online

The MPS in Corporate Innovation combines online experiences with award-winning faculty, self-paced coursework and connections with the University of Maryland community to link innovators from around the world. Offered through the convenience and flexibility of our 100% online learning environment, our program has been specially crafted to offer high-quality, interactive collaboration with corporate entrepreneurs worldwide. Our weekly video lectures are available for students to watch and study at times that are convenient for them, removing the need to commit to a common weekly meeting time for all students. For the live faculty-student video conferences held at the beginning and end of each course, these are scheduled individually, or in small groups, to maximize flexibility for students' schedules.

Award-Winning Faculty and Innovation Experience

The faculty selected to serve in the master’s are accomplished leaders in education with national teaching awards to their credit. Furthermore, they are innovators and entrepreneurs themselves who have lived what they teach and appreciate the balance of academic theory and industry practice.

A Dynamic Online Platform for Learning and Collaboration

Our learning management system leverages best-in-class software with a focus on design and usability. Our course architecture leverages high-definition lecture videos, real-time video conference opportunities with faculty and students, and a comprehensive knowledge management system to connect and empower students.

Support and Resources During and Beyond Your Enrollment

We believe the learning experience is simply the foundation of your new venture activities. Beyond the support and resources provided while a student, we aim to manage a lasting network of alumni relationships that live far beyond the graduation date.

Startup Ideas or Corporate Innovations

The University of Maryland offers two online master's degrees for students interested in startup entrepreneurship and corporate innovations. Both degrees are 30-credit, 15-month programs available exclusively online.

MPS in Technology Entrepreneurship

Students interested in developing and commercializing their own ideas into a product or service-based startup should enroll in the MPS in Technology Entrepreneurship.

MPS in Corporate Innovation

Students interested in acquiring the knowledge, competencies, and relationships to solve innovation challenges within established companies and large organizations should enroll in the MPS in Corporate Innovation.

An Innovative Curriculum

The MPS in Corporate Innovation’s 30-credit, 10-course curriculum can be completed in 15-months, with students enrolling in two 3-credit courses per 12-week term.

Innovative Ideas and Concept Development

Strategies for Managing Innovation

Business Modeling and Customer Validation

Innovative Thinking

Data Analysis and Decision Making

Managing Product Development and Production

Marketing and Selling Innovations

Negotiating and Problem Solving

Financing Innovation and Growth

Building and Leading Innovative Organizations

Opening Doors

With the geographic and time flexibility of a 100% online master’s prorgam, Kevin was able to take Imaginex to the next level without having to sacrifice his current schedule to make time for learning.

Changing Lives

Ready to move into the next step of his professional career, Michael is making his venture concept of CarZam, developed in the MPS in Technology Entrepreneurship Program, a reality.

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